One year on…

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A year ago today I was a mother, a daughter, a wife

Then the bombshell dropped and changed my life

Why me? How could this be?

Sorry Mrs Green but you have the ‘Big C’


There have been many times in life when I’ve felt a ‘right tit’

Now my bloody life revolved completely and utterly around ‘it’

Prodded, injected, poisoned, burned, poked some more

OMG I’m going to become a cancer bore


Looking like Uncle Fester became my norm

Every day feeling like I’m in the middle of a shit storm

Fatigue, sore joints, the weirdest of side effects

Surgery, mammograms, and on-going checks


Ignorance was bliss but seriously, who knew?

I’m just amazed that I got through

Getting back to ‘normal’ takes some doing

But living to the max is what I’m pursuing


And one year on I’m cancer free

Love and laughter has totally helped me

So thank you so much to those I hold dear

Let’s raise a glass and say good-bye, and good riddance, to this year



M x


3 thoughts on “One year on…

  1. Fiona cable says:

    You are one flippin amazing woman Mel. Proud to know you. Well done on fighting so damned hard. You beat the shit that is cancer and titally kicked its arse. Xx


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